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         More About Me!

This section is about my interests besides horses & rodeo. I should mention however, that I thoroughly enjoy training my own horses as well as competing. There is a great satisfaction and sense of accomplishment that I feel when all of our hard work pays off! So in addition to competing I enjoy spending time training and improving myself and my horses. I really enjoy roping and would love to find the time to get serious about it, but barrel racing is my priority! First of all I enjoy web site design, as you may have noticed! I wish I had more time to dedicate to it, as I think it could be an avenue of income for me. I enjoy donating my time to our local Rodeo Queen Board and supporting our Rodeo Royalty. Giving riding lessons is something I have done for the past few years, I work mostly with children. I have discovered that I seem to have a knack for teaching and I like to pass on what I have learned and gained from working with horses throughout my life.
I have a great appreciation for nice cars. I especially like old Chevelles. My favorite vehicle used to be a Chevy truck. I bought a Chevy Truck in '98, and it breaks down on me all the time! I'm not sure when it comes time to get another vehicle that it will be a Chevy, I am thinking the next pick up I purchase will be a Dodge.
I used to enjoy watching demo derbies, stock car races and an occasional Monster Truck show however I don't get into that much anymore. I guess those things aren't as common here as they were in the area where I grew up. Which is fine as I never really fit in "east of the Missouri" anyway! I enjoy snowmobiling, 4 wheelin, and getting motorcycle rides, but again it's a rarity that I get to do those things.
As far as music goes I listen to almost anything. I really seem to like a wide variety of music. I like to keep in shape so I try work out on a regular basis. I love being outdoors and enjoy roller-blading, walking, and riding bike. I also love swimming and doing cool dives off high diving boards. I enjoy kicking back at the lake on occasion. For a few years (in highschool) my main interest and hobbie was going out and partying with friends. I still like to go out on occasion but I'm not nearly as wild as I once was!
I like all aspects of art and design. I consider my self a pretty good artist, I mostly do pencil drawings. Some other things I like are photography, snowskiing, spending time with family, friends, pets, listening to music, reading, shopping, traveling, and meeting new people.

I also love to go dancing! I am very fond of my Appaloosa mare but there is nothing quite like an America Quarter Horse when it comes to rodeo. I am now also a proud owner of one! I love dogs and grew up watching Lassie on TV. For my eighth birthday I got a collie puppy from my Mom, and she grew up to look just like Lassie! We raised three litters of puppies out of Missy, she was a great dog. I also like Australian Shepherds and I am lucky enough to own an adorable one named Tess! She is an exceptional athlete and very smart! I wish I had more time to work with her as she has the potential to go far in several areas. I would like to work stock with her and the area where she would really shine is in on the agaility course. My birthday is in March, so that makes me a Pisces. Anymore it seems that riding, rodeoing and working consume most of my time. As you can see I have lots of interests but there are certain things that I prioritize over others!