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         All About Cowgirls!

What would be do without Cowgirls? What would we do without the ropers, trick riders and rodeo queens? How could we live without the ladies who ride the range and keep the wild west alive? This is a tribute to the Cowgirls young and old, Cowgirls past and present, and Cowgirls of today. It's for the gals who grab the traditions of yesterday and ride with them into the future. It is a dedication to those who race like the wind, circle the cows, cut out the duds and ride with the best. To the poets and artists and teachers of life. To those who don't mind jumping in without fear and giving their all because it's the right thing to do. Not here's not suggesting you don't be a lady, what's being said is never forget who you are. Always let yourself and your beauty shine thorugh no matter how dusty you get or how tired you are. Try to always be strong, remember your friends, be nice to your horse, then put on your lipstick and never, NEVER back down to the guys!

We've seen the beauties of the rodeo...roping, racing, riding the bulls and the broncs and sometimes hittin' the dirt! Their spirits are strong and their beauty shines through. They have the grace and poise of the princesses and queens, that they are. For over a hundred years these ladies have made the range a more beautiful place in which to live. But don't even start thinking that's all there is to them, they are the heart and soul of every ranch, every rodeo, and every cowboy around! They just enjoy lookin' extra good doin' it!

At the turn of the century, cowgirls showed the world that women could ride broncs, rope steers, and shoot straight! They mastered these skills out of necessity when the west opened up to pioneers. Those old time cowgirls probably didn’t know what effect they had on women’s rights, but coincidentally or not, the first state to let women vote was Wyoming! Here we are approaching a new century and woman can realize their dreams, aspirations, and potential. What do you dream of doing or becoming in life?--Janet Ratzloff

To share  your dreams or view other's dreams go to Cowgirl Dreams, a part of Janet's Let's Rodeo Page!

“There is more to being a cowgirl that punching cows, or winning rodeo trophies, or galloping off into the sunset with Roy. Cowgirl is an attitude, really. A pioneer spirit, a special American brand of courage. The cowgirl faces life head on, lives by her own lights, and makes no excuses. Cowgirls take stands. They speak up. They defend the things they hold dear. A cowgirl might be a rancher, or a barrel racer, or a bull rider, or an actress. But she’s just as likely to be a checker at the local Winn Dixie, a full-time mother, a banker, an attorney, an astronaut.” Quoted from the Cowgirl Companion, p.ix, by Gail Cilchriest, ISBN

“What a cowgirl dreams about is love, a man to hold her for all times. A cowgirl wants freedom to express herself and be who she is. A cowgirl needs the open range. A cowgirl is a woman who is strong, caring, and tough. A cowgirl will stand up after a fall. A cowgirl will laugh to show that there was no pain even though there was. A cowgirls heart is hard to break from being wild and free. If a cowgirl gives her love it will only be once. Because a cowgirl can love as strong as the Great Divide but she can never with stand a lie or betrayal. So this is how a cowgirl is, if you want her you have to show her you care. Let her be herself and give her the range to run wild and free.” From Jill Anderson’s Home page

“Many precede and many will follow, a young girls dream no longer hollow. It takes the shape of a place out west, but what it holds for her, she hasn’t yet guessed. She needs WIDE OPEN SPACES!” by the Dixie Chicks

And a little about Cowboys...

"The cowboy is the epitome of the true American Spirit. He is a friend to everyone and a threat to no one. He is an entrepreneur of character and not of materialism. He is slow to speak and slow to anger. His hard work and long hours show on his leather-though face. He stands tall in the face of adversity and has many scars to show for it. His agenda may include pulling a calf or riding a cold-backed horse. He possesses wisdom and knowledge from life's school of hard knocks. He is as much a philosopher as he is an athlete. He can compete in his sport without fanfare or big salaries of other athletes. He is satisfied with meager possessions, but he is king of his domain. He led man and beast across raging rivers and untamed wilderness. He took pride in saving one stray calf from death in a blizzard. His honesty and integrity was inherent as his ability to ride. He didn't have to be told to appreciate nature or fear his Creator. His lifestyle is vanishing and God knows we need more Cowboys. You would know he wore a white hat if it wasn't so old and dusty!"